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About the Artist
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Ever since her debut in the music industry in 2005, Ivana Wong has carved out a genre of her
own, indisputable in her right as a multiple-award-winning singer-songwriter virtuoso. But just as
awe-inspiring and phenomenal is Ivana's appreciation and adventurous adaptation of her visual
wizardry, as was evident in her music concerts.

Ivana's passion for visual arts was her tireless quest for originality. Her performance and music
composition brought accolades and nominations from the Hong Kong Drama Awards and the
Hong Kong Film Awards, and also for her stage performances.

"The Missing Something" is Wong's latest artistic initiative and continues her multifaceted
creative reach. Urging us to re-encounter "lost pieces of our lives", the series places Wong's
poetry and whims in multimedia formats. '"The Pink Room", an exhibition from early 2021,
ponders the loss of empathy in a culture of labels; whereas "'The Singing Canvases", invites us on a journey of sharing and self-discovery as we revisit our
lost emotions.




其中首次舉行的《水•百合》個人演唱會,更被喻為「顛覆紅館的Art Show」。



作為其多元藝術世界的延伸,近年王菀之展開「The Missing Something」系列創作,以尋覓人生旅途中
不經意失落的碎片為題,分享其充滿詩意的創作和理念。2021年初舉辦的「The Pink Room」展覽,反
思標籤文化下失落的同理心;今次的「The Singing Canvases | 會唱歌的畫布」則以失落的情感出發,

3 December 2021 – 8 January 2022  / ArtisTrss - Cambridge House Taikoo Place, 979 King's Road, Quarry Bay
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