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the Pink Room experience 

created by Ivana Wong, is the first chapter of a conceptual art project called “The Missing Something...”.  It is an art tour with multimedia expressions, a platform proffered to a conductive conversation between the artist and the audience on the subject of labelling culture.

In our daily lives, labels are used to classify and to categorise. They are tools that promote efficiency and convenience in communication.

However, a person who reads people and the world through labels can be influenced by the preset terms attached to them. 

Labelling is associated with stereotyped concepts and restricted social identities. Meanings of the terms used in labelling are often developed in coordination with others rather than separately within each individual self. The power of negative labelling sometimes can be devastating.

With music and lyrics as the core, this experience incorporates multiple angles into an expansion of thoughts and insights on this theme.

< 標籤 >

在日常的生活中,標籤是用來給人物或事物分類和歸納。這種工具往往為溝通帶來更大的方便和高效率。然而,習慣了用標籤看待世界及其中的人和物的人卻往往受到它們預設的價值觀所影響。 標籤所用的詞義配搭了他人的看法而不是純由己出,它所蘊含的負面力量也可以帶來極大的破壞。。。





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