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​冷漠咖啡 Indifference Coffee

(冷漠) 辣椒 

每個人對辣椒的反應都不一樣, 有些是即時的, 有慢熱而持久的;強度也有差別,有人覺得是非常刺激的,也有人最初未嘗到辣味, 之後才慢慢滲出來卻久久不散。就像我們對同一件事情的反應和感受,由速度到強度都不一樣。有即時的、有經過時間沉澱後感覺漫長的、有人反應是激烈的、也有表面習慣按耐的等等。  


(Indifference) Chili

People have different reactions to chili, some instant, some come slowly and lasting long; even the degree of hotness differs, some people find it extremely stimulating while others do not feel the hot-taste at the beginning until the taste gradually seeps through and lingers for long. This different reaction to chili is likened to our reaction and feelings toward similar stimulants, which differ also in speed and intensity. Sometimes the response is instant, and sometimes it comes after long sedimentation and with lasting effect. Some reaction comes violently and some comes with habitual restraint. 

With similar stimulus, when people react differently in intensity and duration from what is expected, they will be labeled as "indifferent".

ZUCO Coffee Roasters - 本地精品咖啡烘焙公司,創辦於2017年。主要搜羅全球不同產地最優質的精品咖啡,以專業的烘焙技術,生產最優質的精品咖啡,主要提供網上銷售、批發及零售業務。此外,我們的產品於2020年獲得澳洲國際咖啡大獎-金獎榮譽及獲美國Coffee Review優秀級評鑑。除烘焙工作,我們亦有舉辦工作坊、品牌合作及推廣等活動,將精品咖啡溶入生活,亦視為一種生活藝術。

Established in Hong Kong since 2017, ZUCO Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roasters offering our wholesale, retail and online customers the finest coffee of different origins around the world. Our coffee won the GOLD Medal of the Australian International Coffee Award in 2020 and also achieved the excellent rating of professional roasting by the  "Coffee Review” in US. Apart from roasting the finest premium coffee for your enjoyment, we also organize workshops, corporate branding collaboration and promotional activities for your appreciation of coffee as an art of living.
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