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When we Look at a color, sentiments and memories associated with it start to show.

We then imagine, think, and eventually we define.   


What if this color has stories to tell?  

Are you willing to take a step backward for broader vision, back to a rather cleared mind, to see beyond the face of the color? 


This is a photo session, with stories waiting to be revealed, only if you’re willing to find out more... 


Please take photos here with flash light on!

Matt Hui

Born in Hong Kong, a fashion photographer with his own studio. He graduated in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, majored in design, and his passion about creation has cultivated his love in camerawork and art. He enjoys observing every different faces, using his sharp artistic sense in storytelling. He looks forward to meet different people through photography, and to explore the unknown and assimilate into his surrounding world. In recent years, he produced his own personal photography project, “Hippocampus Machine”, to reflect the messages from his photography. Apart from being recognised by various brands and magazines, he has worked with many different fashion magazines, beauty and fashion brands, and advertising companies. He has also shot different projects for singers and artists from time to time.
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