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the missing something...

An Introduction


The daily grind, the prevalence of busyness, the unsolicited demands of obligations is increasingly desensitising us to our immediate surroundings.  As our attention is atomised simultaneously for multiple destinations, less is spared for the continuous flow of elements that had once been crucial for the peace of mind they dispensed.  Without preamble, in the blink of an eye, something ceases to exit.  Wistfully, we mourn the vigorous, the necessity, the very nature of that missing something.


The missing something is an art project composited of multiple expressions, an attempt at reviving our senses, an awakening that connects us to our surroundings.  It is an experience that prompts the audience to imagine the environmental and emotional contexts before that missing something ceases to exist.  


Manoeuvring through multimedia exhibits, music, soundscape, and installations, visitors are compelled to confront the glaring absence of elements big and small in a plethora of contexts.   

Chapter 1 – the missing compassion

The Pink Room Experience

Chapter 2 - the missing frame

The Singing Canvases

Chapter 4 - an immersive total art experience​

The Pink Canvase Exhibition Concert

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